Warranty & Returns - How to package items to return to us

Please ensure that you follow the below instructions to ensure your return is securely packaged for it's journey back to us. Any damaged caused in transit due to not appropriately packaging the return will not be our responsibility. Thank you.


1) single-box packing method:

  • Ship nonfragile products like soft goods inside a sturdy outer box.
  • Use fillers like crumpled newspaper, loosefill peanuts, or air-cellular cushioning material such as Bubble Wrap┬« to fill void spaces and prevent movement of goods inside the box during shipping
  • Place goods that might be affected by dirt, water, or wet conditions inside a plastic bag
  • Consolidate small parts or spillable granular products in a strong sealed container, such as a burlap or siftproof plastic bag, then package in a sturdy outer box
  • Use the H taping method for sealing your package.


2) Box-in-Box Packing Method:

  • Wrap product(s) individually with at least 5-cm (2") thickness of air-cellular cushioning or foam material to fit snugly inside a corrugated box
  • Restrict product movement inside the box using filler like crumpled newspaper, loosefill peanuts, or other cushioning material
  • Close and tape the inner box using the H taping method. This will help prevent accidental opening.
  • Use a second box that is at least 15 cm (6") longer, wider, and deeper than the inner box
  • Choose the wrap or fill method to cushion the inner box inside the larger sturdy outer box.
  • Ship fragile products individually, wrapping them in a minimum 8-cm (3") thickness of air-cellular cushioning material.
  • Wrap the inner box with 8-cm (3") thickness of air cellular cushioning material or use at least 8 cm (3")of loosefill peanuts or other cushioning material to fill the spaces between the inner box and outer box on the top, bottom, and all sides.
  • Fill any void spaces with more cushioning material.
  • Use the H taping method for sealing your package


Sealing Your Package

  • Use pressure-sensitive plastic tape, water-activated paper tape (minimum 27-kg [60-lb.] grade) or water activated reinforced tape that is at least 5 cm (2") wide.
  • Apply tape evenly across flaps and seams to both the top and bottom of the outer box. Use the H taping method.
  • Tape vertically along the length of the box, then across the width of the edges as well to form a 'H' shape.
  • Do not use cellophane tape, duct tape, masking tape, string, or rope to seal packages.
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