HP Renew

What is HP Renew for Laptops?  

HP Renew is a program established by HP as an outlet for IT equipment that has come out of the factory but ended up without a home. This could the result of a cancelled order, over production, test equipment, demonstration equipment or product returns. These laptops go back into the factory, undergoes the full manufacturing process again, gets stringently tested to HP New Standards before being given the seal of HP Quality, and is then distributed as HP Renew, sometimes at up to 30% off the original Retail Price.

Why choose TEKshop over other sellers, dealing in HP Renews?

Here at TEKshop we pride ourselves in only selling you the device that you paid for, no 50/50 chance that you may get a perfect device, or a damaged device. Unlike other re-sellers selling HP Renew devices, we meticulously check all devices sold to us and then re-grade them accordingly. Every single device that comes in is checked over for any marks, scratches, scuffs or dents. Any issues we find will affect the final grade ensuring that your device is exactly what you asked for. This prevents any chance that you pay more for a device that has more damage than others sold at the same price. Additionally, if your happy with a small scratch or scuff, you can get it even cheaper.

Plus, do not forget our excellent customer service, 30-Day no quibble returns policy and 1-Year full HP warranty. Did we also mention that we are official business partners with HP?

What are the advantages of HP Renew?

There are many but most importantly, there are two main advantages:

The first is price. HP Renew units offer an alternative to brand new for customers who want to extend their IT budgets. HP Renew Units can be up to 30% lower than the original recommended sale price, while some are almost identical to their Brand-New counterparts.
The other reason is because it is a Responsible Environmental Choice. Most companies nowadays have green objectives aimed at reducing their carbon footprint. So, start making sustainable choices today by choosing to redeploy products otherwise destined to be waste.

You mentioned grading, what are the HP Renew Conditions?

Platinum: It is a brand new item with absolutely no marks. It will come with all original accessories. These products are mix of cancelled orders, undelivered items, end of line items, surplus stock, stock written off due to damaged boxes or excess time on a shelf.

Gold: Demo product with very light cosmetic marks. Items sent to retail outlets for staff evaluation before sales. They are usually in excellent condition, one step below retail standard. The item may have minor handling marks on their casings. They comes with all accessories unless otherwise stated.

Silver: Items on display in retail outlets or a product return. These may have small handling marks on the due to handling in store. Items may have a small blemish/scratch but nothing that affects the working condition of the product.

All will come in HP OEM Packaging, not Retail boxes.
All come with 1-Year Warranty from HP

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