Panasonic DMR-EZ49V DVD / VCR VHS Combi Player / Recorder & Freeview - Black 165551-A

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Panasonic DMR-EZ49V DVD / VCR VHS Combi Player / Recorder & Freeview - Black
If you still have a collection of precious videos but also need to record on a variety of DVDs, then there are few better solutions than the Panasonic DMREZ49. The NICAM VCR is a fine quality device that's perfect for taking care of your old videos and even recording on new ones. When it comes to recording on DVD, the DMREZ49 truly excels. As a multi-standard recorder the type of blank disc you use doesn't matter; whether DVD-R, -RW, +R, +RW or RAM, the DMREZ49 will work with them all. Equally impressive is the playback capability, with the latest Panasonic easily being able to handle 16x-R, MP3 and JPEG from -R and dual layer discs, compatibility simply isn't an issue. With upscaling to 1080P, Chroma processor and Deep Colour, you can also be assured of a class-leading picture quality - perfect for the new generation of Full HD Ready flat screen TVs. Furthermore, should you connect your DMREZ49 to one of the latest Panasonic TVs, then you'll also benefit from a whole host of interconnectivity via VIERA link. In addition to VCR and DVD, the flexible DMREZ49 also features a USB terminal. Plug in your digital camera or other digital media device and enjoy an HD photo slide show with music! Finally, to ensure that this recorder won't be affected by the analogue switch off, the DMR-EZ49 is fitted with a digital, Freeview tuner. This works with both the DVD and VCR, making it almost unique in being able to record digital Freeview channels on to VCR. With Gemster Guide+ (Digital) built-in you can record digital TV programs up to seven days in advance. Built to Panasonic's usual high standards and, considering the bulk of VCRs, compact and easy on the eye, the Panasonic DMREX49 makes an ideal combi. For the ultimate VCR/DVD recorder, Panasonic has proven that 2 into 1 does go! Super Multi Format Combi Recorder with Freeview original 1080p up-conversion function which converts signals from ordinary DVD discs and other recorded content into HD-quality signals that create spectacular image on a large-screen TV.O In the HDTV age, you’ll have a variety of AV components in your Living Room - and that means a lot of remote control units. VIERA Link takes all the confusion out of the operation. With VIERA Link function you can control all your components using only your VIERA’s remote control. Operation is easy, and there’s no more hunting around for separate remote controls. Also in the HDTV age, different kinds of AV media come together. For example, you can view pictures taken with your digital camera or video camera on a large-screen TV. DIGA has the kind of network connectivity you need to enjoy it all. You can load a large amount of AV data from cameras and other components into a DIGA recorder, and enjoy easy playback, editing or storage. You don’t even need to use your PC. What do you want to do in the HDTV age? With DIGA, the possibilities are endless! Camcorder and Digital Still Camera Linking To store movie data from your digital video camera (HDD model or SD Memory Card model), simply connect it to the USB terminal of your compatible DIGA recorder and movie data can be transferred and stored directly on to the hard disc drive. Any digital camera that comes with a USB cable can be easily connected to your recorder to store or play a dazzling display of photos through a personalised, big screen-slide show from the comfort of your home. There is no easier way to store and enjoy your home movies on a big screen! Play more and store more with USB Terminal. Enjoy Multi Formats with USB Terminal As DIGA can handle a wide number of different formats, such as JPEG, MP3 and DivX - all through the built-in USB terminal - you or friends can playback images or music straight from USB memory onto the big screen and speakers of your home entertainment system. Quick Start Panasonic’s DIGAs are equipped with a high-speed Quick Start functionality whereby the DVD-RAM discs and Hard Disk Drive are ready to record just one second after switching on the power. Just press the “REC” button and your DIGA will immediately begin recording the on-screen action - meaning you’ll never miss the scenes you want to catch again. Furthermore, it is not only for recording. If you press the ‘GUIDE’ button when your DIGA is off, the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) will also display in less than 1 second in Quick Start mode. VIERA Link Connect a DIGA DVD recorder to your VIERA TV via an HDMI cable, and the TV channel setting information is automatically downloaded to the DIGA recorder. If you want to record the program you’re watching, you can start immediately by pressing the VIERA Link button on the VIERA remote control and selecting “Direct TV Rec.” on the VIERA Link menu screen. Pause Live TV lets you freeze TV programmes just like pausing a DVD, by selecting "Pause Live TV" on the VIERA Link Menu. 1080p Technology Simply connect your DIGA to your HDTV using a HDMI cable, and DVD recordings as well as TV programmes are automatically up-converted to HDTV compatible 1080p HD signals. This lets you enjoy beautiful images by taking full advantage of the capabilities of your HDTV. The conversion process boosts the amount of image information by about 5 times, so pictures are clear and beautiful. scs provide SD images with 576 x 640 or 576 x 720 pixels. Today’s newest HDTVs on the other hand can display images with 1080 x1920 pixels. HDTVs require high-quality image sources suitable for their large screens. If the optimisation process for high-quality images is inadequate, the picture can become blurry or grainy. DIGA’s original i/p conversion and up-conversion functions solve this problem. These functions convert SD signal from DVD discs or DIGA’s own hard disk drive into 1080p signals that provide high resolution images. The conversion process boosts the amount of image information by about 5 times, so pictures are clear and beautiful. The information obtained in this process is used to create smooth, natural-looking, high-resolution 1080p images. Up-Conversion Creating a HD image from a non-HD source requires as much information as possible about each pixel in the original image. In the up-conversion process, DIGA calculates eight pixels in the horizontal and eight pixels in the vertical direction at the same time using a high-speed algorithm. The information obtained in this process is used to create smooth, natural-looking, high-resolution 1080p images. By interpolating video data using proprietary algorithms, SD format data is up-converted to 1080 x 1920p HD format video data. This conversion to HD format increases the richness of the original data by approximately six fold, and produces the highest possible image quality when viewing content on a large-screen HDTV. Enjoy watching crisper and sharper video enabled by detailed reproduction of contents on DVD. Colour reproduction that is faithful to the original picture, produces colourful in details. Auto Preset Down Load Connect a DIGA DVD recorder to your VIERA TV via an HDMI cable, and the TV channel setting information is automatically downloaded to the DIGA recorder. Enjoy watching memorable photos (JPEG 1080x1920 pixels) recorded on to various medias (CD-R/-RW, DVD-R/-RW, USB) in a slideshow with your favourite music. When recording a TV programme, this function determines where new scenes begin (by "listening" to the voices in the programme) and automatically inserts chapter marks at those places. This makes it easy to skip over adverts and start playback from a particular point.
DVD Recorder
34.59cm (13.62")
8.41cm (3.31")
43cm (16.93")
Number Of Discs
Progressive Scan
With Progressive Scan
Region Code
Region 2: Europe
Tv Tuner
Recording Formats
Dvd Recording Time
1 Hrs. Minimum / 8 Hrs. Maximum
Front Panel
USB 2.0
Surround Sound
Dolby Digital (Digital out only)
Recording Speeds
S-Video x 1
Video Output System


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