Razer Logo - For Gamers, By GamersRazer Logo - For Gamers, By Gamers

Razer - For Gamers, By Gamers

"For gamers, by gamers" - they mean it too, the whole company philosophy is to make the best possible performing gaming hardware designed by those with in depth knowledge of gaming; the gamers themselves. Razer products are always futuristic in style, typically green in colour and come with bleeding edge hardware. Razer are internationally recognised as the 'gaming brand', but have more recently branched out into lifestyle products and have welcomed in a new focus on sustainability and green engineering.

Dell Logo - Innovation that stops at nothing.Dell Logo - Innovation that stops at nothing.

Dell - Innovation that stops at nothing.

Dell are a massive, well recognised brand that carry everything from business hardware right through their multiple gaming lines. With a bit of a 'something for everyone' philosophy they strive to drive progress and create products that suit casual, gaming and office use alike. While they are more of a 'do it all' brand, they have a large selection of excellent products.

HP Logo - They should make the world a better place.HP Logo - They should make the world a better place.

HP - They should make the world a better place

HP are another massive company, with several lines that suit gaming, work and home use. Their core philosophy is that they as a company should do more than just make a profit, and aim to 'make the world a better place'. They're backed by over 80 years of business experience and are easily considered to be a world leader in electronics. HP make computers, along with peripherals, printers and more. HP is a great place to look for your general computing needs, but don't fall flat if you need a high end gaming machine either!

Acer Logo - Explore Beyond LimitsAcer Logo - Explore Beyond Limits

Acer - Explore Beyond Limits

Acer is the 6th largest PC vendor by units sold as of January 202. They have immense experience in the computing world and make everything from mobile phones, desktops and VR (virtual reality) equipment. Acer supply a wide range of gaming hardware under their 'Predator' brand which often lead the way in attractive, high performing tech. Acer have recently introduced a new business entity that develops in the IoT (Internet of things) world too. They are a great place to look for both general computing and hardcore gaming requirements.

ASUS Logo - Inspiring Innovation • Persistent PerfectionASUS Logo - Inspiring Innovation • Persistent Perfection

ASUS - Inspiring Innovation • Persistent Perfection

Going since 1989, it's safe to say that ASUS have experience in the industry. They're dedicated to making products for both today and tomorrow's 'smart life' and as such focus on driving innovation forward. ASUS make some of the best looking and most powerful gaming machines on the market under their brands: ROG (Republic of Gamers) and TUF - Get TUF, game Tough. They're known for making gaming phones, regular phones, networking equipment as well as all kinds of displays and components for desktop computers. 

Lenovo Logo - Smarter technology must be made for all.Lenovo Logo - Smarter technology must be made for all.

Lenovo - Smarter technology must be made for all

Lenovo state that they have the world's widest selection of technology products and it's easy to see why. They carry laptops and desktops as usual, but also include accessories, software and more specialist products they have tailored to specific use cases. Lenovo provide all of the usual general use machines right through to gaming with their 'Legion' series of gaming and desktop computers. Lenovo are especially active in the business category, and provide a lot of hardware to corporations with their 'Think' series.

MSI Logo - Innovation with StyleMSI Logo - Innovation with Style

MSI - Innovation with Style

MSI is a world leading gaming brand. Heavily involved in the eSports space, MSI have dedicated themselves to developing and optimising powerful gaming rigs that raise gamers up to the next level. Similar to Razer, their machines are often rocking RGB colour schemes and LEDs, feature high refresh rate, high resolution displays. More recently, MSI have pushed into content creation and business equipment with their 'Creator', 'Summit', 'Prestige' and 'Modern' series of computers. MSI also manufacture desktops, so for portability or a fixed base, they've got you covered.

LG Logo - Life's GoodLG Logo - Life's Good

LG - Life's Good

LG are known for more than just computers, they also design and manufacture all kinds of other products from white goods to TV's and vehicle components. With decades of experience, their computing hardware offers reliability and entertainment thanks to their 'Life's Good' philosophy. One of LG's most popular lines, the LG Gram, is especially well known thanks to it's unbelieveably lightweight construction, a great option to consider for premium high end performance.

Samsung Logo - Do What You Can'tSamsung Logo - Do What You Can't

Samsung - Do What You Can't

Samsung are well known to produce some of the best, most vivid and crisp displays on the market, not just for computers, but phones, TV's and even built in devices such as car dash displays and much more. Recently Samsung have produced their finest work - the Galaxy Book series - that bridge the gap between mobile phones and the larger experience of portable computers. Their lineup in computing may be smaller at the moment, but Samsung are absolutely knocking it out of the park when it comes to premium functionality.

Gigabyte Logo - Upgrade Your LifeGigabyte Logo - Upgrade Your Life

Gigabyte - Upgrade Your Life

Gigabyte are perhaps best known for their outstanding contribution to desktop components. They manufacture a huge range of parts from motherboards, through to graphics cards, memory and SSD's. They also produce both notebooks and desktop computers, notably their 'Aorus', 'Aero' and 'Gigabyte' lines. They make peripherals too, everything from chairs and keyboard to a selection of monitors, both gaming and producivity included. It's safe to say though, that if you're looking for computer components, especially graphics cards, Gigabyte are one of the best companies to take note of.

Huawei Logo - Dreams inspire creativityHuawei Logo - Dreams inspire creativity

Huawei - Dreams inspire creativity

Huawei aim to fill that premium section of the market, their 'MateBook' series of high end notebooks look and feel absolutely sublime. Smooth curves, attractive designs and high end finishes contribute to their place as one of the top 'premium' manufacturers. Most useful to content creators, their devices often include high end screens with powerful processors. Huawei also have a range of business machines that still have that high end look and feel, but cater more toward business clients and more specific use cases.

Fujitsu Logo - The possibilities are infiniteFujitsu Logo - The possibilities are infinite

Fujitsu - The possibilities are infinite

Fujitsu is the 10th largest IT provider in the world, and while they may not be as much of a household name as some of the other brands we carry, the impact they've had in the server and networking space is ledgendary. We stock a number of Fujitsu workstations and notebooks such as their 'Lifebook' series, but also a number of business class desktops - tiny form factor machines designed to take up next to no room on your desk, but provide all the performance you need to get things done.