Brands available

We stock most of the brands you’ll likely recognise, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Razer, MSI and more. With TEKshop you'll find the best laptop deals, and some of the cheapest laptops for sale online. Have a look through our ranges and find your next upgrade. Also - if you've seen something you like but can't find it here, contact us and we'll be happy to help! Check back often as we continue to update the laptop deals we have available.

Home laptops

As the largest range we offer, you have plenty of choice in laptops for home or personal use. When we say home use, this usually means browsing the internet or doing a bit of light document editing. So, while we have a lot of laptops for sale, they're all capable of doing these tasks. Some are better than others though of course!

Gaming laptops

Games are a big deal to us here at TEKshop, so we're serious about the hardware on which they're played. Don't pause your marathon gaming session because you have to leave the house - buy a gaming laptop! They come in many shapes and sizes - shop our gaming laptop deals now and game on. If you're stuck and need help choosing, contact us or see our 'Gaming Laptop Buyers Guide'!

Business laptops

Workstations, creativity champions and spreadsheet supremos. These laptops get out of the way to let you work. Security and reliability are the headliners here. Need more than one for your office staff? Then contact us, we can often do a deal!

2-in-1 convertibles

Laptop or tablet? Why not have both! These hybrid devices combine the best of both worlds, without any real downside to speak of. So, they're great for creative types as well as general multimedia use. There are two camps here, those with Microsoft Windows and those with Google Chrome OS. Speaking of Chrome OS…


Something of an outlier in the laptop world. Every category up to this point offers Microsoft's Windows operating system. Chromebooks don't. They only run on Google's Chrome OS. They're Fast and light, with a good battery and familiar interface to most smartphones. Also, they're compatible with the Google Play Store, giving them access to a huge range of free apps.